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PI-135 Desktop BATD

CHF 4'899.00

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The ELITE PI-135 Basic ATD is our most afford­able, fully pro­ce­dural sys­tem, which can be used for com­plete startup, flight, and shut­down pro­ce­dures. You can even use the PI-135 to per­form the approaches, hold­ing pro­ce­dures, and intercepting/tracking required under sec­tion 61.57©(1) for recent instru­ment expe­ri­ence (instru­ment cur­rency)! 

This FAA-Certified Basic ATD sys­tem is approved for the fol­low­ing credits:

  • 2.5 hours toward Private rating
  • 10 hours toward Instrument rating
  • Recency of Flight Experience (RFE) Instrument

Our most afford­able, fully pro­ce­dural sys­tem! Built around the ELITE Pro Panel II flight con­sole, the PI-135 can be used for com­plete startup, flight, and shut­down pro­ce­dures. This sys­tem is rec­om­mended for instruc­tors, flight schools, or uni­ver­si­ties that want com­plete pro­ce­dural train­ing capa­bil­i­ties in a mod­er­ate price range. It is also great for intro­duc­ing non-instrument stu­dents to basic air­craft oper­at­ing pro­ce­dures. The Pro Panel is equipped with a Hobbs meter and panel ON/OFF key lock which make it a good choice for flight schools that want to closely mon­i­tor sim use time.

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The ELITE Basic ATD 8.7 soft­ware includes the fol­low­ing aircraft:

    • Beech Bonanza A36
    • Beech Baron 58
    • Cessna 172R
    • Cessna 182S
    • Cessna 182RG
    • Mooney M20J
    • Piper Archer III
    • Piper Arrow IV
    • Piper Seneca III
    • Socata TB10
    • Socata TB20
    • King Air B200 (King Air Quadrant Required)


The PI-135 Desktop includes:

  • ELITE Basic ATD v8.7 software
  • ELITE Pro Panel II
  • ELITE Pedals
  • AP 4000 Tower Avionics Panel with GNS 430
  • Multi-Engine Lever Throttle Quadrant



  • Instrument Panel Monitor
  • Instructor Station Monitor
  • Pre-configured ELITE Host Computer
  • ELITE Pilot Deck Add-On
  • Instructor station monitor
  • Enhanced Visual System
  • King Air Power Quadrant
  • Piston Throttle Quadrant


Notes: Garmin GNS 430

ELITE GNS 430 WAAS Control Module Required to Operate GNS 430 WAAS on screen display developed in conjunction with RealityXP, our in-depth GNS 430 WAAS simulation emulates all of the real-life functions of the GNS 430 when used with our ELITE 430 module. Now you to learn, practice and brush up your GNS 430 skills in your own home or office without those tiring videos or boring training books, and you don’t have to pull your airplane out of the hangar; thus saving fuel, time and money. ELITE Pilot v8.7 includes 2007 data cycle, updates to the GPS data are available here.

GNS430 GPS not supported under Windows 10

NOTE: RNP procedures only work within USA database!


Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 32 cm

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