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S823 FNPT II Diamond DA-42

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Fea­tures of the S812D FNPT II Diamond DA-42:

  • Totally Integrated System
  • Original Garmin G1000 hardware
  • Dual Pilot Electro-Mechanical Dynamic Control Loading Yoke and Pedals
  • Twin Engine Piston Aircraft Configuration based on Diamond DA-42
  • Fully integrated GFC700 autopilot capability with flight director and navigation coupling to GPS and VORs
  • External projected visuals with up to 270° x 65° FOV
  • Full integrated enclosed Instructor Station
  • Full Size Cockpit enclosure with perspex glass canopy
  • 2 years full warranty
  • Graphical instructor’s station
  • Easy maintenance

Optional enhance­ments available on all models:

  • Various visual display options such as single-channel, three-channel, 3-channel curved screen
  • Extended warranty coverage
  • Bespoke airport and airfield visual sceneries and other  visual software enhancements

Max­i­mum cred­its available:


  • Log 5 Hrs Basic training towards PPL
  • Log 40 Hrs Instrument training towards ATP (Integrated)
  • Log 40 Hrs Instrument training towards CPL (Integrated)
  • Log 5 Hrs Instrument training towards CPL (Modular)
  • Log 35 Hrs Instrument training towards IR-SE (Modular)
  • Log 40 Hrs Instrument training towards IR-ME (Modular)
  • Log 25 Hrs Experience toward ATP
  • Log 50 Hrs Experience toward FI
  • Log 5 Hrs Instructor training toward FI
  • Log 10 Hrs Instructor training toward IRI

meets FAA APPROVED ADVANCED ATD requirements

  • Log 2.5 Hrs towards the PRIVATE
  • Log 20 Hrs towards the INSTRUMENT
  • Log 25 Hrs towards the ATPL
  • Log 50 Hrs towards the COMMERCIAL
  • Recent Flight Experience (maintain currency)
  • Instrument Proficiency Check (partial)
  • Instrument Practical Test (partial)

meets CASA CAT B FSD2 & NZ CAA approval requirements

  • 20 out of the 40 hours required for Instrument Rating
  • Cross-country instrument flight
  • All approaches including GPS non-precision approaches
  • Recency (includes two out of the three hours per 90 days and all approaches)
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