ELITE evolution HELICOPTER S623/S723 & S623T/S723T FNPT II (MCC) / AATD / SFTD

The EASA / FAA / ANAC / South African CAA / Indian DGCA / CASA approved ELITE S623/S723 & S623T/S723T FNPT II Helicopter training devices are customised to simulate a single turbine helicopter respectively a twin turbine helicopter based on the Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel respectively the AS355 Twin Squirrel.

The ELITE Helicopter range of simulators feature an external visual system and a fully enclosed cockpit with dual pilot instrument screen and controls layout.Elite has introduced a class specific Flight & Navigation Procedure Trainer for civil and military basic and advanced training on light single & twin engine turbine helicopters.

The S623 AATD & the S723 FNPT II systems replicate an AS350 Squirrel helicopter and they have been qualified by EASA in Europe, the FAA in the USA, CASA in Australia, the South African CAA, the Indian DGCA, ANAC in Brazil and the New Zealand CAA under visual and instrument flight conditions.

The S623T AATD and S723T FNPT II system replicates an AS355 Twin Squirrel helicopter which meets EASA, FAA, DGCA, SA CAA, NZ CAA and CASA certification requirements.

The helicopter simulators are equipped with appropriate instrumentation & controls and a class specific flight model. The environment provides visual scenery with continuous time of day settings, airport lights, wind and cloud layers, visibility and an atmosphere model. The instructor station has an intuitive user interface with malfunctions page, map page and weather page.

The Trainer reduces the cost of the flight training considerably with little investment. Low hourly rates in the simulator are a cost saving alternative to expensive flight hours. Costs are further reduced by an increased efficiency for a wide range of tasks such as autorotation reflexes, instrument manoeuvre training replacing time consuming real world repositioning or basic flying and hovering familiarisation.

The System is designed for low infrastructure demands. The Cockpit and IOS cabinet can be disassembled to fit easily through an office door.

Features of the S623 AATD and S723 FNPT II Helicopter:

  • Dual flight controls
  • Pilot/Co-Pilot specific instrumentation
  • Full autopilot capability with flight director and navigation coupling to VOR and GPS.
  • IFR GPS to TSOC129 standard for IFR flight (choice of Trimble 2000 or Apollo
    GX Series)
  • 150° x 40° or 270° x 65° (JAA requirement) external projected visuals
  • AS350 single engine cockpit configuration
  • Easy maintenance
  • Enclosed instructor station (JAA requirement)

Features of the S623T and S723T FNPT II (MCC) Helicopter:

  • Dual flight controls
  • Pilot/Co-Pilot specific instrumentation
  • Full autopilot capability with flight director and navigation coupling to VOR and GPS.
  • IFR GPS to TSOC129 standard for IFR flight (choice of Trimble 2000 or Apollo
    GX Series)
  • 150° x 40° or 270° x 65° (JAA requirement) external projected visuals
  • AS355 twin engine cockpit configuration
  • Easy maintenance
  • Enclosed instructor station (JAA requirement)
  • Dynamic Control Loading (S723T only)

Optional enhancements available:

  • several visual upgrades up to 270° x 65°
  • customized specific Airport or area visuals software featuring 3D Objects
  • EFIS upgrade (King EFS40/50)
  • Garmin GNS 430 / GNS 530
  • specific 3D software models, such as oil rigs
  • airborne radar
  • weather radar

Maximum credits available:


  • Log 5 Hrs Basic training towards PPL (H)
  • Log 5 Hrs Instrument training towards CPL (H) (Integrated)
  • Log 20 Hrs Instrument training towards ATP (H) (Integrated)
  • Log 5 Hrs Instrument training towards CPL (H) (Modular)
  • Log 25 Hrs Instrument training towards IR-SE (H) (Modular)
  • Log 30 Hrs Instrument training towards IR-ME (H) (Modular)
  • Log 5 Hrs Experience towards FI (H)
  • Log 5 Hrs Instructor training towards FI (H)
  • Log 10 Hrs Instructor training towards IRI (H)


  • Log 2.5 Hrs towards the PRIVATE
  • Log 20 Hrs towards the INSTRUMENT
  • Log 25 Hrs towards the ATPL
  • Log 50 Hrs towards the COMMERCIAL
  • Recent Flight Experience (maintain currency)
  • Instrument Proficiency Check (partial)
  • Instrument Practical Test (partial)


  • 20 out of the 40 hours required for Instrument Rating
  • Cross-country instrument flight
  • All approaches including GPS non-precision approaches
  • Recency (includes two out of the three hours per 90 days and all approaches)

Also meets CASA requirements for recency credits without requiring an instructor to be present.

Available EASA CS-FSTD (H), SA CAA, Indian DGCA, FAA & ANAC AATD and CASA CAT B FSD2 approved aircraft models for the ELITE S623/ S723 & S623T/S723T Helicopter simulator range are:

  • Eurocopter AS350 single engine
  • Eurocopter AS355 twin engine

Documents download:

EASA credits overview rotary-wing


ELITE Promotional Video

Flyby 1

Flyby 2

Flyby 3

Flyby 4

Flyby 5

Factory flyby

Approach to a small island

Low level flight through valley

Rooftop landing

Approach and landing on oilrig

IFR approach with 2km met visibility

News 7 Melbourne on VPAW S723T simulator



Elite Helicopter range full size cockpit enclosure featuring actual windows (move mouse over picture for larger view)

Elite S623 / S723 single engine helicopter (move mouse over picture for larger view)

Elite S623 / S723 single engine helicopter (move mouse over picture for larger view)

Elite S623T/S723T twin engine (move mouse over picture for larger view)

Elite S623T/S723T twin engine overhead panel (move mouse over picture for larger view)

Elite S623T/S723T twin engine cockpit enclosure (move mouse over picture for larger view)


The new MH350 is designed to replicate the form, function and performance of the single turbine Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil (Squirrel) and has the same professional feel and quality flight controls and throttle unit as its established "big brother", the Elite S623/S723. The difference is that it is single pilot use and has a smaller cockpit designed for use where space is restricted.
It has the same central control console as the S623/S723, with aircraft specific switches, the same Canbus style electronics for reliability and easy maintenance, and optional Garmin GNS 430W or 530W GPS.

An adjustable leather seat provides unparalleled comfort and ergonomic support.

Download the full brochure here:

MH350 PDF Brochure


Elite MH350 with optional 3-screen visual system (move mouse over picture for larger view)


The new TH100 is an advanced training device for which Elite claims the best benefit to cost ratio in rotary wing training.

Again based on the AS350 Ecureuil, it features life-sized, high resolution instruments, Bendix/King Silver Crown avionics, Garmin 430 WAAS simulation, and an external visual system with a large flat-screen display and an instructor station.
The open construction is strong and rigid yet small enough to go through a standard door opening, which makes for quick and easy transport and integration into existing or new training sites.

Download the full brochure here:

TH100 PDF Brochure


Elite TH100 with optional single screen visual system (move mouse over picture for larger view)

ELITE Helicopter Flight Controls Unit (EHFCU)

The fifth new device is the stylish Elite Helicopter Flight Control Unit (EHFCU), an open platform that will work with virtually all helicopter software programs.

It is virtually "plug and play" via a single USB connection and can be configured for all simulators running under either Windows or Apple operating systems.
It has a cyclic with programmable grip switches, a collective with friction adjustment, engine start button with throttle release switch and an optional B206 Jet Ranger style twist throttle. Its anti-torque pedals are adjustable to pilot size. The EHFCU is designed for both home use and professional training environments.

Download the full brochure here:

EHFCU PDF Brochure


Elite Helicopter Flight Controls (move mouse over picture for larger view)


Recent news / PR

May 2017

-Seminole County Sheriff's Office Uses ELITE Helicopter Simulator to Reduce Training Costs

-ELITE sells S923 FNPT II MCC to Algeria!

-A further order for the PI-135 Professional received from a University in the UAE

-Order received for an S723 FNPT II Helicopter Simulator to be installed in Turkmenistan

April 2017

-Elite flight simulator aiding students at Government Flying Training School in India

-ELITE launches new cost effective Elite Pro Panel III flight console featuring trim wheel and dynamic control loading!

March 2017

-ELITE Motion Helicopter Trainer Earns FAA Certification

-Further BITD order for China received

-HTA Helicopteros in Portugal order S723T FNPT II Helicopter FSTD

-Local Swiss Businessman orders one of the first Bluewing flight training devices

-Romanian Entrepreneur orders Bluewing flight training device

-FNPT II and two PI-1000 flight training devices commissioned for Cardiff & Vale College in Wales

February 2017

-Further BITD order for China received

-Romanian Entrepreneur orders Bluewing flight training device

-ELITE receives order from MAF Netherlands for S812 FNPT II

January 2017

-Global Aviation installs another Elite flight simulator

December 2016

-Wr Bar Helicopters Receives ELITE MH-350 Helicopter Trainer

November 2016

-ELITE and Pacific Simulators Announces Distributor Agreement

October 2016

-ELITE sells 42 Basic Aircraft Training Devices to China

-ELITE and AEROSERVICIO S.A. sign distribution agreement for Chilean and South American market

September 2016

-AVIC to debut PI-135 Professional in China

August 2016

-ELITE Debuts Motion Helicopter Simulator at ALEA Expo

June 2016

-ELITE's Own Lauren Brown to Compete in the Women's Air Race Classic

May 2016

-Greek FTO orders its 2nd FNPT from ELITE!

April 2016

-FAA Restores Credits for ATDs

February 2016

-ELITE and AVIC INTL sign exclusive distribution agreement for Chinese market

January 2016

-Embry-Riddle Daytona Beach converts ELITE RC-1 to RC-1000 Glass Cockpit

December 2015

-ELITE sponsored Czech Youth Team wins tournament

-ELITE secures sale of Qty 42 BATD simulators to China

November 2015

-LCCTC in Morrocco purchase ELITE S812 FNPT II

October 2015

-Bucks New University chooses Elite as supplier of its first flight simulator

-Jerry Trimble Helicopters (JTH) purchases ELITE TH-100 Trainer

June 2015

-ELITE FNPTI G1000 sold to Chinese customer

-ELITE supports youth football team in Prague

May 2015

-ELITE Simulator to be installed in Swiss Museum of Transport

April 2015

-New Bucks University chooses ELITE FNPT I

March 2015

-New Cables Interface Handheld GPS's with Flight Simulators

February 2015

-Aerospeed in France orders ELITE S812 FNPT II

-Colordo Heli Ops in Denver, Colorado enhance safety and training by ordering new ELITE TH22 Flight Training Device

January 2015

-Global Aviation Upgrades its ELITE FNPT II Flight Simulator to FNPT II Be200/MCC

-Heli Aviation Adds Twin-Turbine Helicopter Sim to Fleet

December 2014

-S723T Helicopter simulator ordered by Entrepreneur in the UK

November 2014

-Malaysian Flying Academy places order for FNPT II MCC device

-Dual Pilot S812 FNPT II ordered by Polish University

-Another BITD sold to a Technical University in Italy

October 2014

-Upgrade from S812 FNPT II to S923 FNPT II MCC installed for customer in Madrid

-Two BITD’s upgraded to FNPT I for AIFA in South Africa

-ABN Aero in Russia orders S923 FNPT II MCC, to be installed in a mobile trailer

-Croatian University orders S923 FNPT II MCC

September 2014

-Customer in Hungary orders S712 FNPT I

-Ayjet in Turkey orders new S923 FNPT II MCC device to add to their existing S812 FNPT II

August 2014

-College Lafl├ęche in Canada orders dual pilot iGATE G502 based on Baron 58 and C172RG

-New order from Northern Helicopters in Sweden for S723T FNPT II MCC Helicopter Simulator

July 2014

-ELITE Simulation Training & Safety Management Centers Debut

June 2014

-new product videos uploaded in FNPTMCC, G1000 and Helicopter section

-Mercer County Community College adds ELITE RC-1000 AATD Simulator to Aviation Program

-Elite customer Starlite Aviation nominated for aircraft operator of the year award

April 2014

-X-Plane 10 plugin for Elite Hardware now available

March 2014

-Elite systems helping to train Indian Air Force pilots

January 2014

-Update the database of your ELITE Pilot v8.6 software containing the virtual Garmin 430 GPS with current GPS data

December 2013

-Article in Global Aviator South Africa on Starlite Aviation's Elite S723T Helicopter Trainer

November 2013

-ELITE Garmin GNS430 GPS data now available to order

-Upgraded Elite Simulator aiding students at Scandinavia's largest rotary wing training centre

September 2013

-University in Slovakia orders two new S612 BITDs

-First Evolution device ordered by Israeli FTO

-Columbia Helicopters in the USA take delivery of their ordered S623T Helicopter Simulator

-Elite iGATE to be delivered to FTO in North Africa

-First new PI-1000 AATD sold to customer in Switzerland

-Fast Track Pilot Training in Mildura orders Elite RC-1

August 2013

-Two leading Flight Simulation developers combine forces to build an AATD

-FNPT II MCC ordered by Slovakian University

June 2013

-Two new TH-100 AATD Helicopter Simulators sold to CareFlight Australia

May 2013

-Elite has successful outing with new agent at Czech Aviation Exhibition

April 2013

-Bailey Helicopters Ltd installs Elite S623 Helicopter AATD

March 2013

-Sharp Airlines orders Elite Simulator

-Elite achieves important sale in Brazil

February 2013

-Adriana Aviation in Poland logs 14'000 hrs on their Elite FNPT II !!

-The leading South African Rotary Wing Training Organisation places order for an Elite Simulator

January 2013

-Sale of another S623 Helicopter Simulator to Brazil

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